About Baam

About Baam

Baam Architecture Group was founded by some experienced graduates of UBC in Canada and Shahid Beheshti University in Tehran, who had worked at well-known architecture and urban planning companies in Iran. This firm is in response to growing needs of construction industry in architecture and interior design.

Its activities are based on engineering and technical services with high quality and affordable cost and also mutual trust/reliance. The main purpose of this group is a modern and creative designing in architecture and interior plan. Among its activities are providing efficient services in architecture planning and interior design, consulting, providing goods, and also performing them in all different levels such as industrial centers, business firms, medical offices, and residential buildings, to name but a few.

This group aims at using the latest products of the best quality and also the most economical ones along with modern designing in architecture and interior design so as to provide a suitable answer to the demands of producers and consumers of construction industry and interior decoration.

Board of Directors

Ehsan Azhari

B.A. in Landscape Architecture of Tabriz University

M.A. in Urban Planning of Shahid Beheshti University in Tehran

Bahareh Habibi

B.A. in Environmental Design of UBC in Canada

M.A. in Urban Design of CALGARY University

Hamid Sohaili

B.A. in Architecture of Azaad University